Silky comes from the word "silk", and you always know the difference...

Maximaze the power of your cut!
The Japanese Silky handsaws are top of the line tools for sawing of dry or even wet wood. They guarantee a very smooth cut require minimum force thanks to the unique cutting edge. Chrome-plated surface of a high-carbon steel blade provides extreme hardness, it also resists corrosion and the effects of resin, it is finely polished and easy to clean. The blade can be bent easily and returns to its previous state without any deformation. All this while providing a 3x longer life than any other handsaw.

The Silky saws are fitted with a perfectly strong rubberized handle with a steel core allowing a firm and comfortable grip. The handles reduce vibration and offer excellent grip even when your hands are wet in low temperatures.
Therefore, they are ideal for professional as well as amateur carpenters, joiners or gardeners. The saws stand out for their exceptional design, cutting speed, balance and excellent quality. Silky are made exclusively in Japan.

Ideal for joiners, carpenters, gardening, arboriculture and outdoor activities.


The use depends on coarseness of teeth. No. of teeth per 30 mm.

Extra fine tooth
(21 teeth and more)
Fine tooth
(13 - 20 teeth)
Medium tooth
(9 - 12 teeth)
Coarse tooth
(7 - 8,5 teeth)
Extra coarse tooth
(6,5 teeth or less)
Joiners Joiners Construction Garden Forest
Carpenters   Garden Construction Arborists



  Non-set Teeth

The blade is made of high-quality, high-carbon steel and is conically grounded. This reduces resistance and the cut is easier, faster and smoother. The teeth are not set but grounded. The cut is performed by movement which is more natural na simpler.
Usually, saws are fitted with teeth with only one edge, however all Silky saws feature 4 cutting edges.


Translated as "smooth-cut" is a patented technology of teeth production The teeth are precisely sharpened on all 4 sides and are as sharp as a razor. Plus every 5th tooth is sharpened specularly to ensure better cut across grains and more efficient chip removal. This provides a smooth surface when sawing is finished. It also greatly reduces the risk of infecting trees when pruning.

  Impulse hardening

Only the teeth of Silky saws are impulse hardened unlike conventional saws, the rest of the blade is not hardened and remains elastic. The impulse hardening ensures extreme hardness.

Four Rows of Teeth

For these saws, the teeth on the concave blade are slightly set and ground on 4 sides. Every sixth tooth is not set for better cut cleanliness and efficiency.


Because impulse-hardening is not applied, the blades marked with this symbol can be sharpened with a file. They still live up to threet times longer than conventional saws.