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The company IGM nástroje a stroje s.r.o. registered at Tuchoměřice, Ke Kopanině 560, postcode 252 67, VAT No.: 25114724 (hereinafter referred to as "IGM"), operator of the online store, hereby declares, that all personal data (hereinafter referred to as "data") are considered confidential and are handled in accordance with the applicable legal provisions in the field of personal data protection.

The security of your personal data is our priority. Therefore, we pay special attention to personal data and their protection. In this Privacy Policy ("Policy"), we would like to inform you about which personal data we collect about you and how we further use it.

The Company IGM nástroje a stroje s.r.o. is registered with the Office for Personal Data Protection.

1. Personal details and their processing

1.1.  Personal data category

We collect the following personal data:

If you buy from us or receive marketing materials, we collect:

  • Name and contact details. Name and surname, e-mail address, mailing address, billing address, phone number, bank account details.
  • Data based on the duration of the contract - purchased products, customer segment, the extent of services provided.
  • Login details. Logins and passwords. We cannot access the password itself.

We also process the following personal data:

  • Communication data between IGM and a customer
  • Camera records from customer centres and IGM grounds.
  • Records of behaviour at IGM-managed websites
  • Demographics. Gender, age, country and preferred language.

1.2.  Purposes of processing of personal data:

  • Providing services and improving them. We process your personal data in order to provide the offered services and to continue improving them to your satisfaction.  In particular, this means:
    • The processing of goods and services ordered via the online store, e-mail or a via a customer support line. The legal reason being the necessity to fulfil the purchase contract and for some data to meet the necessary legal obligations (e.g. accounting documents)
    • Notification of goods availability. In case you request us to check for the availability of goods, we will process your personal data on the basis of your consent.
    • Customer support. We process your personal data on the basis of a necessary fulfilment of contracts and to provide customer service as well as to eliminate possible problems with the fulfilment of a purchase agreement.
    • Communication. We use the collected data to improve communication and to personalize it. For example, we can contact you via telephone, e-mail or otherwise, to remind you of goods in your shopping cart, help you complete your order, inform you of the current state of your inquiry, order or complaint, or to receive additional necessary information, or to point out a certain step you have to make in order to keep your account active.
    • Improvement of services. We use the data to continuously improve our systems and services, including adding new features and making informed decisions using aggregate analytics and business intelligence, all based on our legitimate interest in freedom of business and the need to improve our services to remain successful in competition.
  • Protection, Security and Dispute Resolution. We can also process data from a legitimate interest in protecting and safeguarding our systems and our customers, preventing, resolving disputes and enforcing our agreements on the basis of legitimate interest.
  • Camera Records. IGM equips its stores and premises with cameras based on the grounds for the protection of legitimate interests. Premises with active cameras are always labelled accordingly.
  • Marketing offers.
    • E-mail newsletters (commercial message)
      • We send you commercial messages based on the products you have purchased.
      • You can always unsubscribe from these messages using a link present in every e-mail. To unsubscribe, you can also contact our customer service.
      • If you unsubscribe from our commercial messages, we will no longer use your data for these purposes. We will only start again if you register them or explicitly request their use.
    • The messages and offers you receive may be specifically chosen on the basis of the information we have acquired over time from your contact details, demographic details, favourite items and data from product use and web use (cookies, IP address, data supplied by your browser, click data, viewed commercial messages and visited products).
    • If you are not our customer, we operate on the basis of your confirmation.
    • You have the right to object this for free at any time. The contact details are listed at the end of this document.
  • Processing of cookies from websites ran by the IGM company.
    • In case you have cookies enabled in your web browser, we process cookie tracking logs on IGM websites to ensure a better run of our websites and improve our internet advertising. More information can be found in a separate chapter in this document.

1.3.  Transfer of personal data to third parties

Your personal data will be passed on to third parties or otherwise mediated only if it is necessary for the fulfilment of the purchase contract, or on the basis of a legitimate interest, or if you have agreed in advance.

  • a) to credit card companies, to payment service providers in order to process payments and to banks on the basis of your order and purchase contract fulfilment.
  • b) to delivery companies in order to deliver your goods or ordered services or to process complaints including contract withdrawal.
  • c) other service providers, third parties linked to data processing
  • d) third parties, e.g. lawyers and courts in order to enforce or close contracts with you
  • e) public authorities (e.g. police)
  • f) third parties conducting research among customers

If the third parties use the data in their legitimate interest, the administrator is not responsible for such processing. This processing is governed by the principles of processing of personal data of the companies and persons concerned.

2. Personal data security and retention period

2.1. Personal data security

  • Your data are transmitted to us in an encrypted form. We use the SSL encryption system (secure socket layer). We secure our websites and other systems with technical and organizational measures against the loss and misuse of your data and against unauthorized access of your data by unauthorized persons, their modification or dissemination.
  • We also require GDPR compliance from companies we cooperate with.
  • Your account can only be accessed after submitting your personal password. In this regard, we want to alert you that it is essential that you do not share your access data with third parties and that when you have finished your activities in your account, to always close your browser window, especially if you are using the computer together with other users. IGM does not take responsibility for the misuse of the passwords, unless IGM directly causes it.

2.2. Data retention period

We process and store data

  • For the period of time necessary to secure all rights and obligations arising from the purchase contract, ie for the duration of the order and the warranty period.
  • Also 1 year after the expiration of the warranty period in order to resolve potential disputes.
  • For the period IGM is bound as an administrator to store data under generally binding legal regulations. Accounting documents, such as invoices issued by IGM, are archived in accordance with the law for a period of 10 years from their date of issue.
  • Compliance with goods availability alerts are valid until an information of availability is delivered, but for a maximum of 1 year or until cancelled.
  • Consent with marketing offers is valid for 5 years or until cancelled.
  • Camera records from stores and premises of IGM company are stored for a maximum of 7 days from the day of the recording.
  • Communication for 2 years.

In other cases, the retention period is the result of processing or is given by the data protection legislation.

3. Rights of data subjects

  • If we process your personal details, you have the right to ask us to provide you with information about the processing of your data for free.
  • If you believe that the way we process your personal data is inconsistent with the protection of your personal data and the legal conditions of personal data protection, you may request an explanation, or request that we remove the resulting situation, in particular, you may request the repair, supplementation or liquidation of personal data or that we block your personal data.
  • You also have the right to refer your application to the Personal Data Protection Office at any time.
  • You may revoke your consent with the processing of your personal data at any time. If you revoke your consent with the processing of your personal data, your data will be erased or anonymized; however, this doesn't apply to the personal information that IGM needs in order to comply with legal obligations (e.g. to process an already submitted order) or to protect their legitimate interests. Personal data will also be destroyed in case the data are not needed for the intended purpose or if the storage of your data is inadmissible for other legitimate reasons.

4. Website (online store)

4.1. Cookie files

Our site uses cookies to make our offer relevant, interesting and user-friendly. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer, smartphone or other device and are used in your browser. You can find more information about cookies here. We use cookies to:

  • ensure the correct functionality of the shopping cart so you can complete your order as simple as possible
  • remember your login details so you do not have to submit them all over again
  • offer the best possible customization of our site to your requirements by tracking your visits, your site movements, and the features you use
  • collect information about ad views, so we do not show you an ad for goods that you are not interested in

Some cookies may collect information that is subsequently used by third parties and which, for example, directly supports our advertising activities (so-called "third-party cookies"). For example, information about purchased products on our site may be displayed by an advertising agency as part of the display and customization of internet advertising banners on websites you view. However, you cannot be identified using this data.

4.2. Use of cookie files

The cookie files used on our website can be divided into two basic types. Short-term "session cookies" are deleted as soon as you finish browsing our site. In the long run, the so-called "persistent cookie" will stay on your device much longer or until you manually delete them (the cookie retention time on your device depends on your cookie settings and your browser settings).

Cookies can also be divided on the basis of their functionality:

  • analytical cookies, that help us improve the user experience of our site by understanding how users use it
  • conversion cookies, which allow us to analyze the performance of different sales channels
  • tracking cookies, which, combined with conversions, help us analyze the performance of different sales channels
  • remarketing cookies, which we use to personalize the content of ads and their correct targeting
  • essential cookies, these are essential for the basic function of the website.

How Google uses cookies

4.3. Refusal of cookies

Cookie settings are a part of your internet browser. Most browsers automatically accept cookies by default. You can reject cookies using your web browser or restrict them to your chosen types.

You can find information about browsers and how to set cookie preferences on the following websites or in other internet browser documentation

An effective tool for managing cookies is also available at

4.4. Links

Our website may contain links to other websites that are practical and contain information. Please note that these sites may be owned and operated by other companies and organizations and may have other privacy and security policies. Our company does not have any control nor does it hold any responsibility for any information, material, products or services contained or accessible through these websites.

5. Contact us

If you have any questions, comments or inquiries concerning this Privacy Policy, please do not hesitate to contact us at our address or customer service phone line listed below.

IGM nástroje a stroje s.r.o.
Ke Kopanině 560
Tuchoměřice, Praha-západ
Zip Code: 252 67

Customer service:
tel. 220 950 910

6. Validity

This Privacy Policy Terms are valid from 25.5.2018.