Angle Measurers & Accessories

Modernize older machines almost for free

Set-up an angle on any machine like formating saws, mitre saws or band saws thanks to the practical and clever digital bevel box, all that for the small price of this machine.

Adjusting the right angle of a blade or a proper tilt used to be a lengthy procedure and the use of a simple square is uncomfortable and inaccurate. The Magnetic Bevel Box FDU-001 simply attaches to the blade, belt or cast-iron table and you're set in a couple of seconds...



IGM Fachmann Digital Bevel Box + - 180°, Resolution 0,1°
35.66 €
42.79 € incl. VAT
Order Code: FDU-001
IGM Fachmann Digital Angle Ruler - 200 mm (Total 400 mm)
19.97 €
23.96 € incl. VAT
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Octo Folding Square - 200 mm
24.24 €
29.09 € incl. VAT
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Trend Anglefix Mitre Guide
30.08 €
36.10 € incl. VAT
Order Code: 102-Anglefix
NOBEX Quattro Carbon Folding Square
10.35 €
12.42 € incl. VAT
Order Code: 127-111150A2
IGM Fachmann Adjustable Square 0°- 340° - 300x35x24 mm
5.54 €
6.65 € incl. VAT
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