Planers & Thicknessers Accessories

ustavit hoblovací nože

Proper and accurate set up of planer knives

Every carpenter has surely experienced the tiring procedure of replacing planer knives. The masters used to have their tricks to set up their knives accurately so they planed smoothly and precisely again.

When the knives were set up and planing began, they found out that one or two knives don't work as they should and had to alter them tediously... read on

JET Numeric Thickness Display for JPT series
Order Code: 121-10000291
91.49 €
109.79 € incl. VAT
CMT Magnetic Planer Knife Setting Jig, 2pc pack
Order Code: CMT792
63.45 €
76.14 € incl. VAT
IGM Magnetic Knife Setting Jig, 2 pc set
Order Code: MUN-001
56.98 €
68.38 € incl. VAT