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Our project articles include tips and tricks focused on woodworking, CNC machining, planing, glueing, sawing and wood joining as well as other handy and interesting information. Some articles will help you to choose the right saw blade or router bit for your specific project. You can also find out more about woodworking machinery as well as jigs and handy accessories for woodwork.

How to make Dovetail Joints with the IGM FD Jig

03/03/2019 - How to make Dovetail Joints with the IGM FD Jig

Making a dovetail joint drawer doesn't necessarily include spending hours in your woodshop with a mallet and a chisel. Our FD300 and FD600 Dovetail Jigs will save tons of your time as well as keep...
Essential Sander for Your Woodshop

10/12/2018 - Essential Sander for Your Woodshop

The JET JSG-64 Belt and Disc Sander is an ideal machine for your woodshop. It offers both the qualities of a belt sander and those of a disc sander at the same time...
How to build kitchen cabinet doors

19/11/2018 - How to build kitchen cabinet doors

Building kitchen panel doors may seem a bit complicated, however, we are sure that with the help of this article and the attached video, it will be a piece of cake...

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Don't miss out on information about Special Offers, New Products and Curiosities from the Woodworking Industry. You will also find out what tools professionals use or what is new on the market, including handy jigs, gadgets or interesting accessories for your woodshop.

New LAGUNA Tools Soon at IGM

03/06/2019 - New LAGUNA Tools Soon at IGM

Laguna Tools have been designing machinery only in America for the past 35 years. They're not only engineers and designers, but also a part of the woodworking community...
The Simplest Way of Sawing at an Angle

21/05/2019 - The Simplest Way of Sawing at an Angle

Have you ever been looking for an easy way to saw wood out on a job? Have you been searching for a simple solution without having to plug in? Add the Magnet Saw Guide to your toolkit and...
 Table for All Router Types

23/04/2019 -  Table for All Router Types

Ideal for all types of routers. The table is ideal for precise machining with router bits of max 50 mm in diameter. Supplied with three adapters for smaller router bits...

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