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Our project articles include tips and tricks focused on woodworking, CNC machining, planing, glueing, sawing and wood joining as well as other handy and interesting information. Some articles will help you to choose the right saw blade or router bit for your specific project. You can also find out more about woodworking machinery as well as jigs and handy accessories for woodwork.

Don't miss out on information about Special Offers, New Products and Curiosities from the Woodworking Industry. You will also find out what tools professionals use or what is new on the market, including handy jigs, gadgets or interesting accessories for your woodshop.

How to get started in woodturning?

14/02/2023 - How to get started in woodturning?

A turner can produce a wide range of wooden products, such as bowls of different shapes and sizes, v...
PF 2023 and opening hours on Christmas holidays 20...

19/12/2022 - PF 2023 and opening hours on Christmas holidays 20...

Detailed overview of opening hours during the Christmas holidays 2022
Christmas gift ideas

08/12/2022 - Christmas gift ideas

for craftsmen, cabinetmakers and DIY enthusiasts. Clamps, tools for your workshop, router bits, dril...

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