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Powermatic Lathes

The Gold Standard of Woodworking Machinery

Exclusive to IGM Tools & Machinery, Powermatic creates machines that push the boundaries of engineering and design. Fitted with every feature a woodworker needs, they will handle projects of all sizes with ease.

Since 1921, Powermatic has been at the forefront of woodworking machinery in North America. Known as the Gold Standard, Powermatic continues to build machines that push the limit of engineering and design, in order to allow you to expand your creative ability.

We've expanded our offer by two new lathes packed with innovative features and a unique design...
Woodturning Lathe Powermatic 3520B

Powermatic Woodturning Lathe 3520B

• Adjustable headstock with variable speed control and a digital display for simple setup.
• Spindle stop with indexing allows even hole drilling, groove routing and other operations.
• Set of dead centres which hold a spindle for visual comparison.
• Newly designed tool rest for improved chisel work.
• The tailstock has a laser etched scale on the barrel and is self-ejecting.
• Two positions for bed extensions.
• Brass-tipped drive centre knock-out.
• The shelf keeps your tools at hand.
• Tailstock with storage for accessories.
• Ergonomically shaped chrome plated handles.
• Enclosed motor with outer cooling.
• 762 mm faceplate with a key for loosening.
• 355 long toolrest.

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Harley-Davidson of Woodturning Lathes

Powermatic Woodturning Lathe 4224BLathe Powermatic 4224B

The Powermatic 4224B lathe is packed with innovation to
allow your creativity to expand endlessly. Manufactured using
heavy gauge cast iron, this helps to minimise vibration and at
395kg this lathe stays rock solid even when turning very large
diameter projects.

• Vacuum clamping system for quick workpiece grip.
• Two lamps provide ideal lighting.
• Air nozzle for simple clean-up of dust and shavings.
• Safety switch with a magnet can be placed anywhere on
the body of the lathe.

A vacuum chucking facility is a real bonus on this lathe and it
operates using a compressor (not supplied) to generate the
vacuum via a venturi connection.

lathe features

Make sure to visit our customer centre in Modřice near Brno and try out the new Powermatic Woodturning Lathe 4224B yourself.

“We were as excited as many of you to finally see these machines over here and after getting
to see them and put them to good use, we know that they certainly live up to their reputation.
You will not be disappointed when you buy a Powermatic machine.“

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