JET JCDC Cyclone Extraction Units


• Efficient cyclone technology.
• Silent run.
• Remote control with a timer.
• Efficient filtration of dust up to 2 micrones.
• Steel robust design.
• Steel collection container.
• Filter cleaning without having to take the machine apart.
• Two-step filtration, regular and saw dust. 
• Castor wheels and collection containers.



Securely affixed microfilter does not stand in the way of fluent air flow, which enhances the performance of the filtration system. A stacked surface made of microfiltration material intercepts even the smallest particles up to 2 micrones. The lower part filtration is equipped with a collection bag for fine dust collection.


Collection container

The collection container is fitted with a rapid lever system to secure its tightening or release and also with its own castor wheels for simple manipulation.


Cyclone system

Two-step cyclone filtration system offers far better performance than one step extractors. Larger waste is separated into the waste compartment before it reaches the second phase of filtration. This secures constant suction and great performance of the unit.


Remote control

Controlled with a radio frequency remote control with the range of 15 meters. Features presets for 2,4,6 or 8 hours.


Powerful and easy to use

The JET Cyclone filtration units offers revolutionary filtration options along with the best performance while getting rid of sawdust. Its ability of adapting to the type of use makes it simple and easy to use. Robust construction and a far more silent run that other extraction units guarantees comfortability in your workshop even over long periods. The Cyclone units come equipped with a remote control for simpler and more comfortable use.

The units we offer are suitable for a small or medium sized workshop. Up to three machines can be connected to the extractor or you can simply connect it to your dust collection system in your workshop and that way secure quality extraction from all sorts of machinery.

Mobile cyclone collectors offer a long term and high performance. Its difference from other collection units can be seen when extracting sawdust from sanders and other machines, when a lot of fine dust builds up. The microfiltration adapter has a large filtration surface cleanable without having to disassemble. This guarantees a long run and comfortabilty.

The collection container is big enough to deal with larger waste and is also easy to clean. Cleaning up is simpler that having to exchange the spring loaded collection bag. The container runs on castor wheels and its securing and loosing is done by two extractors. When getting rid of larger waste parts, you will not come into contact with any of that unhealthy fine saw dust. 


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