IGM Straight Guide Clamp for easy routing, cutting or drawing

• Made of high-strength and durable extruded aluminium.
• Lighter and stronger than any other straight guide clamp on the market.
• Scale in mm for accurate cuts.
• T-connectors extend possibilities of various applications.
• Easy to use, easy to operate, quick clamp change.
• Large selection of accessories offering more possibilities.


The fence can be used in a number of ways. As a support for accurate cuts with a table saw, when routing or for drawing and sketching. It can also be used as a fence on a drill or a router table. You can also use it as a clamp to press materials when glueing. 


The jaws will firmly hold the workpiece along its length, however, with less strength than traditional clamps specifically made for this purpose.

The fence is made of low duralumin profile, it's highly durable, strong and accurate.

Available in three different sizes:
• IGM Straight Guide Clamp - 610 x 50 mm
• IGM Straight Guide Clamp - 915 x 50 mm
• IGM Straight Guide Clamp - 1270 x 50 mm

A simple but efficient way to clamp your material.

Plenty of accessories that extend the use of these clamps are available.

Get more efficient with a wide range of accessories.

The following additions are available in our online store...

IGM Connector Set

This Set is designed to extend the possibilities of a Straight Guide Clamps. Place the two clamps over each other and secure them with 4 connectors. Attach the lower jaws of the connected clamps to the tabletop. Clamp the material using the upper clamping system of the guide clamp. The worked surface is easily accessible for surfacing and routing using a router or a sander thanks to the low profile of the clamps. The two guide clamps can be put apart at any time and used separately. Two pairs of Straight Guide Clamps can be connected using 8 connectors.

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IGM Handle Extender

The Handle Extender can be used for all lengths of the Straight Guide Clamp. Enhances and facilitates your work. The clamping and unclamping is much easier and simpler.

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IGM 90° Head for Straight Guide Clamp

The 90° Head can be used for all lengths of the Straight Guide Clamp. Improves clamping and helps to achieve a true 90° angle. Ideal for sawing or when routing along a fence. Made of plastic.

Pravoúhlá upínací čelist

IGM Band Saw Fence

The Band Saw Fence is designed for the guide slots in the Straight Guide Clamp. Upgrade your band saw or router table by simply attaching the Straight Guide Clamp made of extruded aluminium to your worktop. The fence is fitted with an 11,8 x 4,8 mm t-slot for feather boards and stops. The length of the fence 458 mm, height 90 mm. Includes a support fence and a set of screws. (the Straight Guide Clamp is not included)

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IGM Wide Jaw for Straight Guide Clamp

The Wide Jaw can be used for all lengths of the Straight Guide Clamp. Ideal when using the Straight Guide Clamp for clamping. Enlarges the clamping surface and improves the hold on material. Made of plastic. The package includes 2 pcs.

IGM Universal Base

For routing or sawing using the Straight Guide Clamp. The Universal Base has a precise guide that fits into the Straight Guide Clamp slot allowing precise sawing and routing. A router or saw is simply clamped into the universal base using screws or bolts (not included).

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IGM Feather Board Kit

The Feather Board Kit is designed for use with the Straight Guide Clamp. Enhance your table saw, router or band saw and simply clamp the feather board fence to the table and guide your material safely into the cut. Designed to press the workpiece to a router fence or table when routing on a router table or sawing. Prevents kickback.

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IGM Hold Down Kit

Set of 2 Hold Down Clamps for attaching to a Straight Guide Clamp. Enhance your drill by simply attaching a fence with two hold-down clamps to the table of your drill and clamp your material simply and firmly. Maximum clamping thickness 36 mm. Made of extruded aluminium. The hold-down clamps are fitted with plastic face surfaces that will not scratch your material.

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