IGM BR300 Portable Edgebander for ABS
IGM BR300 Portable Edgebander for ABSIGM BR300 Portable Edgebander for ABSIGM BR300 Portable Edgebander for ABSIGM BR300 Portable Edgebander for ABS

IGM BR300 Portable Edgebander for ABS

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• Banding of up to 3 mm thick furniture edges ABS, PVC, strips or veneers.
• Innovative glue application system, surpasses double application.
• Firmly and cleanly glued edges with minimum overflow.
• Straight and shaped workpieces up to 65 mm thick.
• Edgebanding at +/-15° angle.
• Solid guiding of the smooth supporting table with a scale for setting workpiece thickness.
• Improved function of inner corner banding.
• Adjustable temperature and fluent feed speed.
• Very fast warm up onto the operating temperature.
• Easy to handle and simple to operate.

A New revolutionary range of state-of-the-art IGM edgebanders with hot melt glue are designed for quick banding of 0,4 - 3 mm thick ABS, PVC, laminated furniture edges or veneers, on straight or shaped workpieces of thickness from 10 mm to 65 mm. The Granular glue is rapidly melted in a melting chamber and is applied, through a new sophisticated system, onto the tape, which is perfectly pressured against the workpiece with rubberized rollers. The tape sticks firmly and fully on the banded edge, resulting in a firm and clean bond along the entire width of the tape.

The New generation IGM edgebanders feature many unique and patented features you won't find anywhere else. All parts of the edgebander are precisely machined and accurately assembled. This guarantees a firm and clean bond of furniture edges and a tape with minimal overflow.

New generation quick-heating system melts the glue in 5 minutes from the start. In addition, if you refill the glue into a half-full tank, the thermostat keeps the machine in operation. The Edgebander features fluent application of glue, which can be regulated easily with controller. Innovative glue application system, better than double application, precisely and uniformly applies glue onto the tape without skipping, overflows or contamination of the machine.

The tape is accurately guided through an adjustable width measurer ( resolution 1 mm), allowing precise and non-problematic guiding of the tape towards the cylindrical tape applier. Two rubberized ergonomic handles enable precise guidance of the machine along the workpiece. The support table features a special slippery layer allowing simpler feed without scratching the workpiece. It is also fitted with a scale to precisely adjust the workpiece thickness and is placed in a solid holder with the option of +/-15° tilt, allowing accurate edgebanding of beveled surfaces. The lid handle can be placed into two positions depending on the type of banding.

The BR300 edgebander is equipped with a manual temperature regulation, placed horizontally, for full controll of the banding process. Accurate setting of desired temperature. Range of temperatures  120 - 200 ° C ± 1 ° C. Constant feed speed 4,0 m/min, ideal for usual requirements for edgebanding of curved or shaped parts. It is a light, practical and simple machine to operate, ideal for operations either out on a job or in your workshop, may be clamped into a worktable.

Ideal for operations either out on a job or in your workshop as a stationary machine.

Type: BR300
Rating: Professional
Power: 855 W ( 230 V)
Edge Thickness: 0,4 - 3 mm
Edge Height: 10-65 mm
Bevel Surfaces: 75°- 90°
Min. Inner Workpiece Radius: 25 mm
Feed Speed: 4 m/min.
Adjustable Temperature: 100 - 200°C
Recommended Melting Temperature: 140°C
Glue Tank Capacity: 400 ml
Length x Width x Height: 340 x 300 x 350 mm
Weight: 8,7 kg

Supplied with:
• Corner guide
• Demonstration sample of glued tape
• Instructions

Packed in a light box for safe transport

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