Decorative Ogee Bit  - R6,35 D19,5 d6,35 I13 S=12 mm
Decorative Ogee Bit  - R6,35 D19,5 d6,35 I13 S=12 mm

Decorative Ogee Bit - R6,35 D19,5 d6,35 I13 S=12 mm

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Use: For fine decorative work.
Adds classic look to all edges and highlights doors with decorative elements.

A wide range of CMT profiling router bits is designed for carpenters and cabinetmakers. We offer 14 various profiles ideal for edges of tables, doors and decorative mouldings. Each and every profile router bit may be adjusted to create two profiles by a simple swap of the bearings. When replacing bearings, make sure that the right side of the black shim corresponds with the rotation of the bearing. Incorrect installation can cause the screw to loosen.

Diameter 19,05 mm
Cutting depth 13 mm
Shank12 mm
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