CMT C905 Chamfer Bit - 40° D25x8 L41 S=8 HW
CMT C905 Chamfer Bit - 40° D25x8 L41 S=8 HWCMT C905 Chamfer Bit - 40° D25x8 L41 S=8 HW

CMT C905 Chamfer Bit - 40° D25x8 L41 S=8 HW

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Chamfer bit designed for beveling at 45°. Guiding is made easy with a bearing in the lower part of the bit.

IGM Fachmann Carbide Router Bits

Are you looking for efficient router bits that will last for more than a couple of projects and are also reasonably priced?  Then IGM Fachmann bits are the right ones for you. Our bits are engineered using the latest technology based on what is new in the industry. Featuring anti-kickback design and plenty of room for chip removal combined with teflon coating. The main components of our bits are high-quality carbide, robust strips and quality bearings. All sharpened using CNC machining and packed in see-though boxes. Fachmann router bits comply with the European standards EN 847/1 and 2. Ideal for machining of hardwood and softwood, plywood, laminated glued materials and plexiglass or other plastics. Ideal for trade and craftsmen.

Hard and strong enough carbide teeth
 We only use high-quality micro-grain carbide designed for cutting tools and softwood as well as hardwood. The carbide knife is 2 mm thick and can be sharpened multiple times.

Anti-kickback design
 Bits are uniquely constructed to prevent kickback when working. The bits comply with rigorous European safety regulations EN 847.

PTFE Teflon Coating
 The Fachmann router bits are coated in PTFE Teflon which minimizes corrosion and resists chip stuffing in higher temperatures. The cutter stays clean and sharp far longer than a regular bit.

Precise Sharpening
All bits are precisely sharpened using CNC machining. Unique sharpening combined with state of the art construction design guarantee clean cuts and high performance.

Handy Labeling
Every bit has its brand and details laser etched on the shank. It also lists the product code, diameter, cutting length, shank diameter and the recommended speed. Everything is perfectly clear.

Safely Packed
High protection for your tools! The Fachmann router bits are packed in handy boxes that provide protection for the tool. Help maintain order in storage. The transparent cover is fitted with a euro hole for simple hanging in your workshop. The shank is firmly secured in the packaging in a collet style lock. You can easily use the packing to safely transport a router bit to be sharpened and back.

Recommended use
Designed for hardwood and softwood, plywood, glued materials and plexiglass or plastics, also suitable for laminated chipboard and MDF.

Diameter 25 mm
Cutting depth 8 mm
Total length 41 mm
Shank 8 mm
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