IGM DC30 EASY Power Feeder
IGM DC30 EASY Power FeederIGM DC30 EASY Power Feeder

IGM DC30 EASY Power Feeder

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• High efficiency and strong torque, save up to 50 % of operating costs.
• For professional routers, planers or saws.
• 3 rollers provide excellent non-marking grip.
• Continuous feed rate 2-22 m/min.
• Smart DC Servo Motor 375 W with a reverse run.
• Solid stand reaching 460 mm with a tilting indicator.
• Auto-stop for switching between vertical and horizontal position.
• Lubrication indicator.

An unmatched, highly efficient feeder model for routers, planers and saws for professional and industrial use. Unique design, high flexibility, excellent efficiency and strong torque, those are the new IGM EASY professional feeders.

The feeder features the most advanced DC Servo 375 W motor with continuous feed speed. Saves up to 50% of operating costs while maintaining its torque, especially at lower speeds, matching similar feeders with a regular 750 W motor. There is no longer a need to remove the cover and replace gears. Simply choose the desired speed on a digital remote, ranging from 2 - 22 m/min. Perfectly spring-loaded rollers (D=120 mm, width=60 mm) feature an excellent non-marking grip and cope well with uneven surfaces. If you need to get closer to your tool, you can replace the standard roller with a narrow one, only 25 mm wide (available on request).

Smart motor, hardened gears and precision ground worm shaft guarantee more torque and more power for the feed of material.

The Easy power-feeders are equipped with a solid adjustable shoulder reaching up to 460 mm and height adjustable up to 250mm. They also feature a unique indicator for angled work and an auto-stop for accurate switch between horizontal and vertical positions. Also fitted with an oil indicator.

Type: DC30
Rating: Professional
Power (400V): 400 W (500 W from the year of manufacture 2018)
Arm Reach: 460 mm
Max. Height Under Rollers: 250 mm
No. of Rollers: 3
Rollers Size: 120 x 60 mm
Feed Speed:  variable 2 - 22 m/min
Weight: 53 kg

IGM Spare Roller D120x60 for Feeders DC30-DC40
Order Code: 141-R12060
18.50 €
22.20 € incl. VAT
IGM Spare Roller, Narrow D120x25 for Feeders DC30-DC40
Order Code: 141-R12025
18.06 €
21.67 € incl. VAT
IGM Swivel Cone Kit 0 - 90° set for Feeders DC30-DC40
Order Code: 141-KS
71.75 €
86.10 € incl. VAT
IGM Flipper for feeders
Order Code: 141-FP
288.00 €
345.60 € incl. VAT
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