CMT 393 Dowel Drill S10 L38,5 HW - D8x18 S=10x20 L38,5 LH

CMT 393 Dowel Drill S10 L38,5 HW - D8x18 S=10x20 L38,5 LH

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• Body made of super strength steel.
• HM head with precision balanced centre point.
• 2 precision ground HM cutting edges (Z2).
• 2 spiral flutes.
• 2 HM negatively ground spurs (V2).
• Parallel shank with driving flat and length ajdusting screw.
• Packed in a plastic box (1pc).
• Dowel drill for precision drilling of through holes with flat bottom of cut.
• Precisely ground shank for accurate anchoring.

• Teflon coated for better chip removal.

Diameter 8 mm
Total length38,5 mm
Shank10 mm
Cutting depth 18 mm
Direction of rotationanticlockwise
Boring Hinges Head for Multispindle Machine, 45-9,5 mm BLUM, SALICE, HAFELE, HETTICH
Order Code: CMT334-4595
337.00 €
404.40 € incl. VAT
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