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The Simplest Way of Sawing at an Angle

• Have you ever been looking for an easy way to saw wood out on a job?

• Have you been searching for a simple solution without having to plug in?

Add the Magnet Saw Guide to your toolkit and you won't have to deal with these questions ever again.

IGM Fachmann Magnetic Saw Guide Guide is a simple solution for those demanding high precision and functionality. The Guide can be set up to a range of 0° - 135°. There are also preset stops in the most widely used angles. Those are 45°, 90° a 135°.

Krácení dřeva pod úhlem IGM

The Mitre Guide has two stops that help you align the jig, then you just hold it down with your hand while you saw with the other. Three magnets hold the saw true and at an angle.

IGM Fachmann magnetická pokosnice

We recommend using the Magnet Mitre Guide with Silky saws. Achieving a smooth cut is extremely easy with the Silky Woodboy Saw with extra-fine teeth, these allow fine cutting of hard and soft woods and mitre cuts. The thin saw blade is especially suitable for joinery and general woodwork.

Krácení dřeva pod úhlem IGM

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