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The Legendary JWBS bandsaw is back

JET JWBS Bandsaw, new model

When we ran out of the JET JWBS-18Q Bandsaws, we immediately received inquiries about restocking and new models.  So we didn't hesitate and stocked our warehouse with the newest bandsaw model JET has to offer.

JET JWBS 18Q, new model, height of cutObviously, the bandsaw went through some changes, that definitely won't go unnoticed. One of them is double dust extraction for efficient sawdust removal helping you keep your shop tidy. The fence features a new micro-adjustment system for precise setup to tenths of a millimetre. Plus it can be adjusted to two positions. In a vertical position, you can use the fence to cut high materials. You can set up the fence horizontally with a simple readjustment to cut boards of smaller height. The new model offers a higher cutting capacity of 407 mm.

The saw features a strong motor for the most demanding of cuts. Adjusting the bearings takes seconds, those help out with a precise and quality cut. This bandsaw is ideal for a professional woodshop that requires accuracy and high-quality cutting power.

We're also stocking a completely new model, the JET JWBS-15.

Should the JET JWBS-18Q be too big for your shop, the new model labelled JWBS-15 offers the same comfort and efficiency only in a smaller size.

The smaller JET JWBS-15 Bandsaw offers a height of cut up to 360 mm. And it also features the same dust extraction system with two 100mm outlets. The solid worktop can be tilted from -5° to +45°.

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