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Best sellers of 2018

As well as last year, we are happy to introduce the best selling products our customers were happiest with.

Best selling woodworking machine 2018tloušťkovací frézka

JET JWP-12 Portable Thickness Planer

• Powerful motor.
• Removes material up to 2.5 mm per pass.
• Solid unit guidance.
• Double-bladed block.

The block is fitted with two resharpenable HSS blades. Rotation and ideal speed of pass assure an excellent surface. The thicknesser is fitted with overload protection with a reset circuit breaker. The maximum depth capacity is 153 mm with a maximum width of 318 mm. Supplied with a fold-down table extension with end rollers provide support for long workpieces. A dust hood allows connection to a vacuum extractor.

Best selling power tool of 2018

CMT 7E Router 2400 W

• Electronic soft start speed regulation from 8000 up to 20000 rpm.
• Removable plunge spring for simple bit adjustment when table mounted.
• Quick access to brushes.
• Safety switch shutter.
• Side air vents preventing dust from settling in the motor.
• 3 stage turret for precise depth setting.
• Simple height adjustment of the machine in a router table.

Best selling saw blade of 2018

CMT CHROME Saw Blade for Laminated, Chipboard and MDF

A saw blade with a chromed surface, which reduces the adhesion of glue residues and resin to the body. Features new expansion slots filled with orange polyurethane to reduce vibration and noise.

Alternately bevelled teeth made from extra hard tungsten carbide for cutting of soft and hardwood, plywood, boards etc. Highly durable. For saws with scoring.

Best selling router bit of 2018

IGM F041 Straight Router Cutter TC Knives

Straight router cutter with one mini-knife affixed with a wedge. The Longitudinal and cross groove for correct set-up increases protection of the knife against axial movement.

For routing, finishing, plunge cutting and grooving of boards (laminate, chipboard, MDF) or hardwood, softwood and laminated timber. Use on hand-held routers, router tables or CNC machines.

Best selling adhesive of 2018

Titebond III Ultimate Wood Glue D4

• Extremely waterproof glue of superior strength.
• Designed for exterior & interior applications. • D4 water-resistance.
• Superior strength, strong initial tack. • Prolonged fixation time.
• Application in low temperatures possible. • Easy to sand and varnish.
• Universal - glues wood, fiberboard, high pressure - laminates and particle boards.
• Easy clean up using water.


Best selling jig of 2018

IGM FK650 Kitchenworktop Panel Jig 650 mm

• Made of hardened and durable material, that will not get scratched or crack, like perspex, seethrough plastics or MDF.
• For joints of 90° and 45°, includes templates for clamps and corner roundings.
• Extra stop for 600 mm long boards allows for immediate use of the template without having to measure anything.

FK650 is designed to cut kitchen worktop joints with all types of routers. Sophisticated system of simple labelling of individual operations completely simplifies and accelerates your work.

Best selling dowel drill of 2018

Dowel Drill 308 S10 L57,5 HW

• Body made of super-strength steel. • HM head with precision balanced centre point.
• 2 precision ground HM cutting edges (Z2). • 4 spiral flutes.
• 2 HM negatively ground spurs (V2).
• Parallel shank with driving flat and length adjusting screw.
• Dowel drill for precision drilling of through holes with flat bottom of cut.
• Precisely ground shank for accurate anchoring. 

• Teflon coated for better chip removal.

Best selling measuring device of 2018

IGM Fachmann Digital Bevel Box + - 180°

• Measures angles in the range of +/- 180 ° with 0,1° resolution.
• Built-in auto shut-off.
• Option of angle locking.
• Waterproof.
• Built-in magnet.

Equipped with an option to lock angle value. The Waterproof digital angle bevel box allows you to measure angles in range +/- 180° with resolution of 0,1°. It is small enough to be carried around in a pocket and has a built-in magnet in the base for accuracy when measuring bevelled angles on mitre saws, saw benches etc.

Best selling boring bit of 2018

CMT C512 Manual Boring Bit

• A proven CMT boring bit fitted with 2 scoring pins, a centering tip and 2 scoring teeth.
• All tips are made of carbide and are designed for drilling into soft and 
• Also ideal for drilling into laminates.
• High-quality and precise tool.
• For hand-held and stationary machines.


Best selling cutter head of 2018

IGM Planing & Joining Spiral Cutter Head

Innovative design and spiral set teeth allow simple and excessive material removal. The hardened body of the cutter is fitted with carbide knives, which can be rotated up to 4 times. Designed for all types of spindle moulders. For hard and soft wood.

Designed for all types of spindle moulders.
For hard and soft wood.

Best selling accessory of 2018

IGM Magnetic Knife Setting Jig, 2pc set

Set of 2 magnetic gauges, helping you to precisely fit your cutterblock with knives - into a planer or thicknesser.

The gauge is fitted with a micrometer scale for accurate and equal depth setting.


Best selling clamp of 2018

IGM Fachmann Excentric Wooden Clamp

For sizing, gluing and lining of all types of ledges, for which a steel clamp is not suitable for its weight.

Clamp body made of hard wood.
Galvanized steel guiding rod.

Best selling hand saw of 2018

Silky Zubat Hand Saw

The Silky Zubat professional, heavy-duty, Japanese hand saw with 240, 270, 300 and 330 mm blade length which provides higher cutting speed with less effort.

The blade is curved and made of hard chromium making it resistant to corrosion and effects of tree resin. This creates a very durable surface which wipes clean easily. Supplied with its own polypropylene sheath with a belt clip. A great combination of high performance of large teeth and comfortable moulded rubber handle reducing vibrations. Suitable for all pruning work and cutting large branches.

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