Frame Clamps

Step-by-step frame production

With the right tools and a little woodworking know-how, making a square frame has never been easier.

Step 1: Make a support block to the exact height of the underside of the moulding, this will support the wood when being cut and prevent damage.

Step 2: Measure the picture you’re framing including any mount or surround. Take the frame size, plus double the moulding width and a little bit extra, then cut your four sides to size. Mark out onto the wood moulding and cut down roughly to size.

Step 3: Start with the top piece of your frame. Turn your piece... read on

Kreg Corner Clamp 90°
Order Code: KHCCC
53.44 €
64.13 € incl. VAT
IGM Fachmann Frame Clamp
Order Code: 146-1230
32.76 €
39.31 € incl. VAT
IGM Hobby Multi-Angle Band Clamp
Order Code: 146-1231
14.48 €
17.38 € incl. VAT
CMT Adjustable Corner Frame Clamps 2 pcs set
Order Code: CFC-002
36.68 €
44.02 € incl. VAT
Hobby Frame Clamp, Plastic
Order Code: 125-589683
11.76 €
14.11 € incl. VAT