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IGM M118 Dovetail Router Bit  - D6x6,9-8°-x59 S=8 HW
IGM M118 Dovetail Router Bit  - D6x6,9-8°-x59 S=8 HWIGM M118 Dovetail Router Bit  - D6x6,9-8°-x59 S=8 HWIGM M118 Dovetail Router Bit  - D6x6,9-8°-x59 S=8 HW

IGM M118 Dovetail Router Bit - D6x6,9-8°-x59 S=8 HW

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Router bit designed for trimming along a template placed below the workpiece.

IGM Fachmann Carbide tipped router bits

Are you looking for powerful enough router bits which can work over longer periods and are fairly priced? Then the IGM Fachmann router bits are the right tools for you. The bits are designed using the latest known technology and feature an anti-kickback design, enough space for chip removal and a non-stick red Teflon coating.

Our router bits are made using high-quality carbide and are fitted with strong knives and durable bearings. Grounded on CNC machines and packed in safe see-through packages. Fachmann router bits comply with European safety regulations EN 847/1 and 2. They are ideal for routing of soft and hardwoods, plywood, MDF, plexiglass and other plastics. Ideal for trade use.

Hard and strong enough carbide teeth
We only use high-quality micro-grain carbide specially designed for cutting soft and hardwood. The knife is 2 mm thick and can be therefore sharpened more times than regular router bits.

Anti-kickback design
The Router bits are specially constructed to prevent kickback when routing. The body complies with the demanding safety criteria EN 847.

PTFE Teflon coating
The Fachmann Router bits are coated in red or black Teflon PTFE coating, which minimizes corrosion and resists bits of burnt wood when routing in higher temperatures. The Bit remains clean far longer than other bits painted with regular paint.

Perfectly sharp edge
All bits are precisely and accurately grounded on precise CNC machining centres. The manner of grounding as well as the construction of the bit guarantee a clean cut and high performance.

Clear labelling
Every shank is tagged with important information and brand on its shank, this information recommends optimal position of the shank in a collet, code, cutting diameter, cutting depth, shank diameter and maximum recommended speed. All clear and organized.

Safe packing
We keep your tools safe! IGM Fachmann series router bits are packed in a practical packaging, which protects the bits from damage and external influences. They also help you to organize and store your tools. The see-through wrapper is fitted with a euro hole so it is presentable in a store or your workshop. The shank is firmly clamped in a clever collet system of the wrapper. The packaging is also ideal for safe transport when in need of sharpening.

Suitable for hard and soft wood, plywood, laminated wooden materials and plexiglass or plastics, partially suitable for laminated chipboard and MDF.

Shank8 mm
Cutting diameter6 mm
Cutting height6,9 mm
Total length59 mm
IGM FD3350 Optional Template 6,35 mm, Mini Half Blind Dovetail Joint
Order Code: FD3350
60.44 €
72.53 € incl. VAT
IGM FD6350 Optional Template 6,35 mm, Mini Half Blind Dovetail Joint
Order Code: FD6350
74.56 €
89.47 € incl. VAT
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