IGM LAGUNA 1412 Bandsaw
IGM LAGUNA 1412 BandsawIGM LAGUNA 1412 BandsawIGM LAGUNA 1412 BandsawIGM LAGUNA 1412 BandsawIGM LAGUNA 1412 BandsawIGM LAGUNA 1412 BandsawIGM LAGUNA 1412 BandsawIGM LAGUNA 1412 BandsawIGM LAGUNA 1412 BandsawIGM LAGUNA 1412 BandsawIGM LAGUNA 1412 BandsawIGM LAGUNA 1412 BandsawIGM LAGUNA 1412 BandsawIGM LAGUNA 1412 BandsawIGM LAGUNA 1412 BandsawIGM LAGUNA 1412 Bandsaw

IGM LAGUNA 1412 Bandsaw

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Ideal for professional woodshops that require accuracy and strong cutting power.

• Ceramic guides.
• Balanced cast-iron wheels.
• Strong robust frame.
• Tensioning lever on the back of the saw.
• Precise and smooth height adjustment.
• Robust adjustable fence.
• Table tilt -7° to + 45°.
• Lower wheel brush.
• Can be fitted with a handy mobile stand.

The main feature of the IGM Laguna 1412 Table Saw is a triangular frame and a strong 1,2 kW motor. The micro-polished cast-iron worktop (54x40 cm) provides stability even for oversized workpieces. The table also tilts from -7° to +45°. The robust fence is easily adjustable and can be installed into two positions (vertical and horizontal). The solid cast-iron wheels are fitted with polyurethane tyres. The tyres are designed to withstand heat and offer longer service life than regular rubber tyres. The worm gear & pinion on the blade guard is ultra-smooth and engineered to have minimum flex even when fully extended.

The saw comes with ceramic guides on the upper and lower wheel for precise tracking of the saw belt. These slides provide excellent cut control and prolong the service life of the belt. See-through windows on the upper wheel allow you to check for proper tracking and tension of the belt. A lever on the backside of the bandsaw allows for quick tensioning and release of the belt. The IGM Laguna 1412 stands out amongst other machines especially for its clever design that allows cuts up to 305 mm.

The bandsaw is fitted with all CE required safety features.
Comes partially assembled in a cardboard box. Assembly time is approximately 1 hour.

• Type: Laguna 1412
• Rating: Professional
• Power Output (230V): 1,3 kW
• Worktop: 406 x 546 mm
• Blade Length: 2946 mm
• Blade Width min. / max.: 3 / 19 mm
• Blade Speed: 965 m/min
• Height of Cut: 305 mm
• Max. Width of Cut to Fence: 310 mm
• Max. Width of Cut to Column: 350 mm
• Table Tilt: -7° to +45°
• Dust Extraction Outlet: 100 mm
• Length x Width x Height: 800 x 683 x 1784 mm
• Weight: 117 kg
• Package Dimensions: 580 mm x 600 mm x 1400 mm
• Shipping Weight: 141,5 kg

Supplied with:
• Parallel fence
• Stand
• Bandsaw blade IGM Carbon FORCE REGULAR - 13 x 0,65mm 6TPi


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