Silky saws - safety instructions

Read these instructions before using the saw.
DANGER! Electric shock risk!
DO NOT USE any telescopic or other saws in the distance of 15 metres from any power lines or electrical wires.
Failure to follow these instructions may cause serious injuries or death by an electric shock.

Incorrect use of saws may lead to serious or fatal injury. Do not cut over head. Always use a helmet and eye protection when using the saw.

The saw blade is extremely sharp. Don't let the saw blade touch your hand or any other part of your body. Always store the saw in its protective cover if it's not in use. Keep out of children's reach.

Silky, its subsidiaries, importers, distributors and dealers are not responsible and shall not be liable for injury, loss or damage resulting from the incorrect use of this saw.

Silky saws work properly when you drag the saw towards you. They do not cut when a stroke is performed in direction away from you. Sawing towards the body requires less energy and offers more control over the cut. Silky saws are accurate and high-quality tools and should be treated as such. Every saw gets damaged when used incorrectly and that is why we offer instructions on how to properly use them. Failure to comply with this policy excludes warranty.

How to properly use Silky saws

1. Silky pily jsou konstruované pro záběr do materiálu při tahu směrem k sobě.  Tenký pilový list se neohne, protože je napnut tahem. Pouze při tlaku se může pila ohnout nebo prasknout. Proto nikdy netlačte na pilu nebo jí nevychylujte z řezu.  Toto může způsobit zničení pilového listu. Vždy lehce nadzvedněte list pokud tlačíte pilu směrem od sebe. Pokud pilový list zničíte, můžete jej dokoupit jako náhradní díl.

2. A precisely manufactured blade and specially ground teeth allow to saw without applying too much force. That is why you should never use force to speed up the sawing. Let the saw work by itself and simply pull it towards you.  

3. Impulse hardened teeth (symbol of induction hardening) cannot be sharpened.

4. Keep your saw clean and use only the appropriate cleaning agents (solvents). Do not, however, use these on the handle.  

5. If you're not using the saw, store it away from humid environment and protect it with its cover. Keep away from children. They could get hurt.

6. IGM is not responsible for any damage caused by improper use of Silky saws.


The technique of a pulled stroke.

1. Always hold the saw safely by its handle.
2. Start sawing by lightly pulling the blade over a branch or a piece of wood.
3. Move the saw slightly forward. The tool doesn't saw when being pushed away from you !!!
4. Repeat untill you cut off the branch or a piece of wood completely.
5. Use only a small force when pulling and then simply move the saw forward. Let the teeth do their work.