Instructions for Distributors

First sign-in

  • PLEASE NOTE - You can sign-in the second day after the confirmed contract was received.
  • To sign-in, use the e-mail address of a person in the contract who is listed as having Access to the IGM web page.
  • To sign-in for the first time click here, insert your e-mail address and click "Forgotten Password". You will receive sign-in instructions at the e-mail address you have provides us with. You will be able to create your own password after clicking on the link in the e-mail.


  • You will be able to see your purchase prices (in red) and list prices (in black) after signing in.

Quantity Discount

  • Quantity Discount - If a quantity discount is available for a certain item, you will be able to see it under your price (in red).

Price List in XLS

Offers - Price Quotations

  • Offers - Price Quotations If you wish to get a price quotation for a large number of goods, or a set of machines, insert the selected items into the shopping cart and in the last step, click "ask for a Price Quotation".


  • You can order goods in a number of ways:
    - you can simply add the goods to the shopping cart
    - you can quickly enter the SKU code and quantity of goods in the top right corner of the shopping cart
     - you can import an Excel file into Your Account / My Profile / Order Import from XLS
    - or you can place an order based on a quotation in Your Account / My Profile / Offers - Price Quotations.

Delivery time

  • The item description includes no. of items in stock as well as an estimated time of delivery.

B2B Customer Support

  • If you need photos, videos, texts or a feed for your online store, please contact us at

B2B Customer Centre

  • Every workday from 7:30 – 17:00, call us at + 420 220 950 910 or you can e-mail us at