IGM Router Bits

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IGM Fachmann Router Bits

Ideal for everyday woodworking.

4x resharpenable when compared to low-quality bits with a thinner knife.

Precise geometry ensures a burr-free clean cut without burning the material.

The thickness of a new knife is usually 2 mm depending on the type. This thickness allows repeated sharpening. We recommend having your tools sharpened by a specialist. Professional sharpening should only remove 0,1 to 0,3 mm of material.

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  • Ideal for Everyday Woodworking
    Up to 4x Resharpenable
  • Carbide Knife
  • Great Price x Performance Ratio
  • Precise Geometry
  • Quality Packaging

IGM Professional Router Bits

ideal for demanding woodwork and professional users.

We began manufacturing our first tools in the year 2000 in the Czech Republic. We put emphasis on the quality and durability of our tools. We use only high-quality stainless steel, which guarantees high strength and toughness of the cutter body.

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  • Ideal for Professional Woodworking
  • Reversible 4-sided knife on the majority of tools
  • Diamond or Carbide Knife
  • Precise Geometry
  • German Tigra and Kanenberg Knives

Router Bits with Reversible Knives:

High-quality material guarantees unmatched body strength and sharp HW carbide knife fitted on the tool. We only buy material from renowned European manufacturers like German Tigra or Kanenberg.

Spiral Bits:

These bits are specially constructed to increase feed speed and streamline your work. The gradual rise of the spiral is designed to improve chip removal and the cleanliness of cut. The bits are mainly used for hardwood and softwood thanks to their spiral edges. They also work well with chipboard and MDF. Spiral bits usually feature 2, 3 or 4 edges in the spiral. The tools can be used on CNC machines or handheld routers.

  • Carbide Body
  • Ideal for Hardwood and Softwood
  • Excellent Quality of Cut
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Diamond Cutters:

Ideal for MDF, chipboard and laminated chipboard. Cutter life is approximately 50x longer than that of a standard tool with carbide HW edges. Diamond tools also boast an increased cut quality throughout the tool's life. They allow working in higher feed speeds and remove non-effective pauses required for tool replacement.

  • The life of the tool is 50x longer
  • High-quality diamond edges
  • Up to 3-4 x resharpenable
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CMT Orange Tools Router Bits

Tools, material and design of the highest quality made for professional woodworkers.

The CMT Router Bits feature perfectly ground tungsten carbide knives, orange Teflon and a wide variety of designs.

Types of CMT Router Bits

Various profiles for all sorts of projects.

Select from the following categories: straight bits, trimming bits, chamfer bits, roundover bits, profile bits, round nose bits, dovetail bits a rabbeting bits...

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CMT Router Bit Sets

Practical sets for various kinds of jobs also available.

For example, cabinetmaking sets or supersets, with either regular bits or door bits.

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Router Bit Accessories

Handy Accessories for your Router Bits.

Besides various collets, shanks and chucks, we also offer tool cleaning formulas or a stand for router bits.

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Overview of IGM Router Bits