CMT Delta Rasp with Carbide Grip for Brick, Concrete -  80 mm

CMT Delta Rasp with Carbide Grip for Brick, Concrete - 80 mm

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Carbide Grit coated on both sides.

Fingertip Rasp for tiles, plasterboard, porous concretes, construction materials, wood, carpets.

Removing mortar or tile adhesive, removing carpet adhesive residues, rasping wood for rough adjustment, rough grinding of filler, tile adhesives, concrete, stone and wood.

CMT Universal Adapter, 2pc set
8.70 €
10.53 € incl. VAT
Order Code: C-OMA31-X2
CMT Multipurpose Oscillating Saw 300 W
73.00 €
88.33 € incl. VAT
Order Code: CMT11
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