CMT 200 Portable Work Station
CMT 200 Portable Work StationCMT 200 Portable Work StationCMT 200 Portable Work Station

CMT 200 Portable Work Station

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• Rubber non-slip jaws.
• 1000 kg clamping force.
• Wide leg surface for more stability.
• Tighten or release the jaws with just one movement

CMT portable work station quickly and firmly clamps beams, boards and rails with force of up to 1000 kg up to width of material of 956 mm.
Simply release or tighten the flat jaws and clamp material.
The table can be folded in app. 20 seconds, so it may be easily transported or stored.
Can be used for industrial, maintenance, professional, hobby or garden purposes.

You can also use the Log jaws for chainsawing ( optional accessories code: CMT200-01), where you can also cut pipes or logs.
Steel jaws (optional accessories code CMT200-02) are ideal for work with iron or sheet metal.

CMT 200 Log Jaws for Chainsawing
25.50 €
30.86 € incl. VAT
Order Code: CMT200-01
CMT 200 Suport Foot
28.20 €
34.12 € incl. VAT
Order Code: CMT200-03
CMT 200 Extension Tray
37.50 €
45.38 € incl. VAT
Order Code: CMT200-04
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