Do Fachmann Router Bits pay off?

Let's examine the bit construction in a bit more detail. Let's compare the Fachmann router bit with a "non-brand" router bit sold in cheap sets or the ones that come supplied as standard with a hobby router...

Are the geometry and shape important?
What is the anti-kickback design?

Is teflon coating important? on

What's the secret to flawless edge profiles with no rework?

A world-renowned brand of the finest tools for woodworking, founded in Italy in 1962. The CMT Router Bits feature perfectly ground tungsten carbide knives and Orange Teflon, offered in a wide variety...

How to Built the Worlds's Finest Cutting Tool?

CMT engineer each tool with a purpose in mind. Years of developing high-performance tools mean that many of their top-selling tools are tried and true... read on


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