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We were pleasantly surprised with the Prague Expo

IGM at prague expo

We were not only visited by new customers at the PRAGOLIGNA 2016 expo in Prague but also by craftsmen and handymen who were all on the lookout for solutions and equipment for their production. Fewer people visit expos than in the previous years, however thanks to this, all the visitors to our stand got maximum care and all the information they needed.

From the wide range exhibited, The Jet machines particularly were the greatest attraction as our visitors could try them out themselves and make sure of their quality and options. The customers were especially interested in the two-year warranty even when buying for a company. You won’t find this sort of warranty anywhere else on the market.

The JET dual drum sander was a real hit. Thanks to its robust build, affordability and a two-year warranty, it stood out as a better solution that an old drum sander.

JET DDS-225 Dual drum sander at Prague ExpoJET DDS-225 Dual Drum sander 635mm + abrasive strip cloths FOR FREE

• Robust construction ideal for non-stop use
• Precise adjustment system of the rear drum for setting difference to the front drum
• Fast and easy change of abrasive with inbuilt clever clips
• 75 mm or 100 mm wide abrasive strips can be used
• Rubberized pressure rollers provide perfect and accurate sanding
• Table lift on four threaded rods
• Two conveyor belt speeds
• 1,5 mm sanding depth by single pass
• Final surface finish just by single pass
• Accuracy of 0,2 mm in the whole width

Of course, every machine needs its dust extraction. Thanks to our NEW cyclone dust extraction units, we have intrigued customers not only from the woodworking field. The Cyclone extraction and filtration units offer perfect suction, practical use and a real cleanliness of air.

JET JCDC 3 Cyclone dust collectorJET JCDC 3 Cyclone dust collector

• Efficient cyclone technique
• Silent run
• Efficient filtration of up to 2 micron dust
• Steel robust design
• Steel collection bag
• Filtration adapter cleaning without having to take the machine apart
• Two-step filtration of regular and sawdust
• Mobility and collection containers
• Remotely controlled timer

The JET Cyclone filtration unit offers revolutionary filtration options along with the best performance while getting rid of sawdust. Its ability to adapt to the type of use makes it simple and easy to use. Robust construction and a far more silent run…

We mustn’t forget about our wide selection of CMT tools. The CMT Router Bits have become an integral part of our company’s offer since they are popular with our customers thanks to their unprecedented quality.

CMT Router bits at Prague Expo

• Body made of high-grade steel
• Unique solid silver soldering slice
• Tough extra fine tungsten carbide edges for hard and soft wood
• Precision ground and sharpened edges
• Precision-cut shank
• Orange Teflon coating, patented

…these are the unique CMT router bits. Popular with carpenters all over the world.

 Take advantage of the possibility of ordering machines, accessories and tools for special prices today. The mini-catalogue with special offers is available here…

Choose a high-quality JET machine with a two year warranty…

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