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Tips for Christmas Presents

We know that looking for Christmas Presents can sometimes be a bit hard, that is why we have selected a couple of our most interesting products so that you don´t have to.

Our tips are divided into 8 categories ranging from DIY to professional woodworking.

Tools for Every Household


Oscillating Multi-Tool

Ideal tool for grinding, sawing, joint opening, plastic cutting, carpet removal, plunge cutting, woodcutting, tube length trimming and nail removal.

Set of Tools for the CMT Multi-Tool

Multi-purpose sets for the CMT Multi-Tool Universal clamping.

Digital Level and Angle Finder

Digital level with two vials and digital angle display. Electronics with a series of advanced features.

Diamond File Set

Colour-coded diamond stones for sharpening of knives, chisels, cutters and small hand tools.

Gifts for Workshops or Garages


Magnetic Tool Rack Set

Powerful magnet that holds tools securely. Made of steel.

Gripping Loc-Blocks

Highly adhesive rubber surface prevents your workpiece from moving when sanding, cutting or routing without clamps.

Handy Digital Bevel Box

Waterproof digital angle bevel box with a built-in magnet.

Woodrack Storage System

The woodrack provides enough space for storing pipes, rods, beams and other long objects.

Heavy Duty Jaw Clamps

Extremely versatile for their sturdy build that ensures maximum pressure.

Gifts for Gardening


Japanese Hand Folding Saw

Light folding saw with two blade positions. Handy light tool for an ideal price.

Japanese Bigboy Folding Saw

The long blade means a longer stroke and faster cutting. Rubber padded handle allows for a firm and comfortable grip.


Gifts for Precision Work


Precise Scroll Saw

The JET Electric Scroll Saw comes equipped with a powerful commutator DC motor with a variable regulation of speed.

Multi-Function Rotary Tool

Multifunction Routing tool with accessories for detailed cutting, grinding, polishing etc. The tool has variable speeds and a spindle lock.

Set of Sanding Rollers

Set of 4 abrasive drums for perfect sanding and quick and easy finish on all sorts of curved and rounded pieces.

Micro Bar Quick Clamps

Designed for common clamping of materials in small workshops or for DIY. Option to clamp or to expand.

Gifts for Dads


Saw Guide for Mitre Cuts

Simply attach it and align it with the workpiece with the two stops, set the desired angle and make the cut.

Heavy Duty Flip-Top Workbench

Heavy duty workbench with rigid, square section steel frame. Large work surface.

Magnetic Wristband

Woven nylon wristband containing 16 magnets. Holds small, ferrous items securely to leave hands free.

Kit for Removal of Damaged Screws

Remove damaged screws easily without damaging the surrounding material.

Gifts for the Whole Family


Best Wood Glue on the Market

Extremely water-resistant glue for interior and exterior use, won the 1st place in the testing of the Fine Woodworking 2007 American magazine.

Compact Hand Folding Saw

Doesn't take up much space in your pocket, backpack or in your glove compartment thanks to its small size. A flip-lock sheath with a belt clip included.

Glasses for Eye Protection or Outdoor

Newest UVEX models providing improved comfort and safety when working. 100% UV protection.

Marking Level with a Vial

Aluminium ruler equipped with vials for high-precision cutting and marking. Easy to read scale in metric and imperial.

Gifts for DIY


Champion Mitre Saw

Features presets for the most used angles and grooves on top of the table for cutting compound angles and a quick-release clamp adjustable for straight and angled surfaces and a length stop.

Digital Angle Rule

Stainless steel arms guarantee long life. Easily measure both angle and length with just one rule. Easy to operate with just two buttons.

Handy set of Saw Blades for Wood Cutting

This is a cost-effective saw blade with excellent price/performance ratio. Designed for handheld circular saws, table or mitre saws. Excellent price that matches the product quality.

Wood Twist Drill Set

Set of drills with a specially shaped centre tip for maximum precision. Two flutes for efficient chip removal.

Floor Clamp Set

For easy installation of all types of floating floors. Profiled from both sides for different types of floating floors.

Gifts for Woodworkers


Strong Router

Electronic soft start speed regulation. • Simple height adjustment of the machine in a router table.

Robust Router Table

Router table for precise routing with router bits of larger diameters. Safety switch featuring a possibility to connect a router.

Trade Site Mitre Saw Stand

Features a quick grip base that allows safe and simple clamping of all mitre saw brands, circular saws and other larger machines.

Champion Mitre Saw

The Champion Mitre Saw features the greatest capacity you will ever need. The saw has a turntable with angle indexing. Fitted with 2 fast-clamping clamps, adjustable for flat or angled surfaces and a length stop.

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