Abrasive Roll Cloth, backed 100 mm x 25 m antistatic, 120G, SALE

Abrasive Roll Cloth, backed 100 mm x 25 m antistatic, 120G, SALE

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We would like to offer you an Abrasive Roll Cloth 100 mm x 25 m antistatic, 120G. It has been returned by a customer who unwound it and cut off 5 meters and then realized the size doesn't fit their machine. The length of the roll is now 20 meters. We have checked the cloth thoroughly and it doesn't seem to be faulty in any other way.

This 100 mm Abrasive cloth is ideal for the following sanders: JET DDS225 and DDS237. The anti-static surface design provides long life, high durability and minimum clogging on the belt.

The underlay of the belt is stiff, stable and has excellent resistance to wear and tear of the edges. It is specially designed for drum sanding or other types of sanding. Achieves excellent results particularly with demanding and problematic materials. 60-80G Grit is ideal for levelling, when a lot of material has to be removed and levelled.

100-180G Grit is ideal for finishing and surfacing before varnishing. The anti-static design provides long life and durable hold throughout its use.

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